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Purpose Based Recruiting And Talent Acquisition Webinar

Amber Gough's Webinar

Today’s business climate is shifting rapidly and Human Resources departments and business leaders are now facing a new era with higher purpose at the helm. No doubt you have come across purpose based catch phrases, such as – Business for Good, Social Enterprise, Higher Purpose, and Conscious Capitalism. 

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So how does this all affect your talent acquisition strategy?   

Studies show that purpose driven businesses not only generate higher financial results, they are known to attract the right talent and keep their talent longer.  The “Purpose Driven Recruiting & Talent Acquisition” webinar will focus on the importance of adapting to this ever-changing purpose driven business world.  We will explore how to strategically add purpose driven best practices to your recruitment strategy in order to attract team members who are aligned with your higher purpose. 

Speaker: Amber Gough

Amber Gough is the Founder of Talent Fusion Point, a San Diego-based purpose-driven recruiting and consulting firm. As a social impact entrepreneur, Amber is passionate about “Connecting People & Making a Difference.” For over 18 years, she has helped business leaders secure top talent and build winning teams with a united purpose. Amber is currently serving on the board for Conscious Capitalism San Diego as the Programs Director